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Paris is very different from people’s idea of it.

Is Paris safe? It’s a beautiful city, yes, but it’s also a city where tourists are targeted. You need to look out for that. And so here’s a guide that I’ve put together to make sure you have the best trip to Paris ever — but also a trip where you stay safe.

Why Travel to Paris Alone?  from Kate

I love traveling alone in Paris — it’s one of my favorite cities to explore on my own. I think it’s one of the cities best suited for solo travel. Why is that?

First, Paris is an introvert’s dream. French people and Parisians in particular tend to be pulled a bit inward in comparison to Americans, which means that you don’t have to face constant draining interactions with strangers. Beyond that, Paris is chock full of activities that are wonderful to do on your own: like museums, long walks, photography, shopping, and sitting in cafes.

Second, it’s easy to eat alone in Paris. While servers in other cities may give you a cocked head and an, “Only one?” (God, I hate that), it’s very common for women to eat alone in Paris. Being alone at a restaurant won’t raise any eyebrows. Paris is also covered with cafes, where you can eat at any time of day without raising any eyebrows.

Third, Paris is a dreamy destination. You’ve probably been dreaming about visiting Paris since you were a child. While it won’t be quite the idealized destination you have in your mind (see below for more on that), Paris still has a lot of magic. There’s something about sitting at a street cafe and drinking red wine as an accordionist plays across the street. It’s just PARIS and it will make your heart swell.

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